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Training and Support:

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1:1 counselling

Deep listening in nature


Council coaching

Personal coaching in circle practice


Council and the curriculum

Working with school children

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Support and supervision for teachers

Council support for teachers, facilitators and mentors

Circles for Specific Groups:


A journey of empowerment for women

An ongoing circle to support women on the journey of menopause

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Circles for men, women and children

The way of council for all - a circle to share our stories


The way of council for men

A regular group of men who meet around the fire


Couples in intimate relationship

This is a safe and held space for couples

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Adults wishing to support young people

Introduction to the way of council for adults wishing to support young people


Council circle for parents of teenagers

A monthly ongoing group in support of parents of teenagers


Council for parents with babies

Parents who have had their babies within the last year


Circles for parents

A safe space to share and be heard

Nature Connection:


Nature Connection and council for youth

Evenings and days in the woods re-connecting with our environment


Nature connection and council for young men

Supporting young men who would like to come together around a fire

Special Topics:


At home in relationship

Finding ourselves at home in relationship


Circles for the world

Do not lose heart. We were made for these times.


Giving our gifts

A council circle exploring what we are called to offer of ourselves

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