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Adults wishing to support young people

Introduction to the way of council for adults wishing to support young people

For more information email
or call 07891062769

A circle to introduce to the way of council, a facilitated
practice of listening and speaking from our hearts in a non
hierarchical form. This introduction is with a view to find adults,
young and old who may be interested in either supporting council for children and teenagers or who may want to train to facilitate these circles.
There is a growing need and demand for these held spaces to simply bear witness to the stories and hearts of young people, especially in these times. 
We offer facilitated safe spaces both in schools and in nature to give the children a voice where they can be deeply heard.

‘I love the element of listening during council, listening to myself, to others to the environment. It provides a simple framework to face complex issues. I feel excited about its potential for contributing to systemic change towards a more respect and sustainable way of living’

‘The Workshop was held beautifully. I felt safe and relaxed and able to open up in the to the group despite not knowing people well. It gave me a sense of what Circlewise offer in an experiential way, which I found really powerful and leaves me feeling keen to be part of what they offer.’



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