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Giving our Gifts

A council circle exploring what we are called to offer of ourselves

A council circle for men and women who long to share their gifts or their creative expression and for those who feel new visions stirring but don’t know how to move towards them.


The gift we have is our innate Soul-nature. It has been given to us and it’s not ours to withhold. Yet, in the giving of it every wound of “not enough” can be touched. If we engage with it, it will bring us home to our belonging and the possibility that we can come forward from a place of being enough. 

Together we will rest back into our and each other’s life experience, sharing our stories, our visions and longing; for ourselves, each other and for the world. In so doing perhaps recognising that it is crucial for each one of us to manifest our unique gift for the good of the whole.

'I have been really struggling before coming here feeling disconnected and alone. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made my life, I felt safe and heard and connected.'

'I found listening and being listen to somewhat liberating and an interesting learning experience. In the safe space of a council circle, it was made possible to share deep questions and doubts well benefiting from the experience of others. I was health and supported. It created a strong bond within me to realise that I am asking myself similar questions as other participants and I find the sharing vulnerability has triggered something very connecting and healing within me. I feel calmer and more relaxed because of this.'

'I arrived to be nervous but this quickly evaporated as I sense that the group was being safe you help. The topic of finding your gifts and sharing them was very well presented, I enjoyed hearing people stories and found that by the end of the evening I had a strong sense of my own gift to share.'


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