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Council and the curriculum

Working with school children

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A council circle for those working with children and young people in school to explore how we might use council circles as an integrated part of the English curriculum to develop spoken language and reading skills.

A mixture of council and discussion of how to model and use circle practices holistically to enhance academic skills in the classroom. As teachers we want to support our pupils in igniting their passion for learning but also by equipping them to build relationship, develop empathy and immerse them in a value-based education environment. Council can provide a vehicle to do just that.

‘Very beneficial both mentally and physically, I was able to unwind and absorb new ways of being and thinking, different approaches to teach which are much needed at this time. Perfect location and great subject matter, brilliant event, beautifully held… Will be coming back for more.’

‘Judy did a lovely job of moving from experiential training to then explaining the theory and the variable applications of the skills she shared – so we got to experience what a circle session could actually involve for a primary school child in an English lesson, and then learnt how we could translate those techniques to different curriculum and age groups – it was expertly done very enlightening and very enjoyable.’

‘An absolutely inspiring evening in the woods with wraparound birdsong and a heart-warming fire. A fabulous facilitation with an expanse of experience who bought such creative ideas and activities to us and shared different approach to running circles in the school and how it can be incorporated in the curriculum. I learnt so much.’

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