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Our work with schools

We live in changing times where connection and community are foundational in building new ways of thinking, learning and working together. 

Click this video to hear from some students reflections of circle practice

We need ... a new and more humane and compassionate approach which addresses and embeds the essential elements of relationship, community, transparent curriculum, metacognition and space. ... Never has there been a time when knowing how to manage your own well-being and how to support our children in doing this has been so vital.

Dr Tina Rae

Endorsing The Recovery Curriculum 2020


We need a different way to relate; to give our children and young people space and confidence to share their stories, hear the stories of others and so develop a culture of belonging. We want to nurture engaged and authentic learners equipped for their place in a changing society.

The needs are clear; the way forward is less clear. And so we look back. To when peoples related in a different way; to when people lived closer to the earth; closer to each other; when they knew that it is each other we need – to gathering in circles.

Circle practices are a pedagogy that shift the way we interact and learn. Circlewise seeks to support educators in bringing this shift to both the wellbeing and the academic curriculum. To help develop social emotional and communication skills as well as the engagement of staff, students, parents, and community members in the art of collaboration.


"Never has there been a time when knowing how to manage your own wellbeing and how to support our children in doing this has been so vital."

Dr Tina Rae


Now is the time to return to more humane approaches concerned with the fundamental wellbeing, and secure positive development of the child. Without this there will be no results that have true meaning and deep personal value to the child in terms of their preparation for adulthood. 

Professor Barry Carpenter, OBE,

PhD The Recovery Curriculum 


More Feedback from students


"This is much more worthwhile than lessons"

"I like that I feel more close to my class, Thanks for council, it has really helped"

"It's great that everyone is allowed a space to say what they need or just be listened to or not speak"

"I really like council, its very relaxing and calming and clears your mind. I really look forward to it"

"I find it really fun and calming in the middle of school. It's amazing, it means a lot to me and everyone"

"I feel myself when I sit in circle. It is a really good way of getting to know people"

"I wish I had council as part of my school curriculum when I was younger………it's beginning to teach me a lot of skills I missed out on in my earlier years, such as emotional literacy, speaking from my direct experience and my heart, the ability to relate with others and of course listening……..I have supported Councilwise in schools as a volunteer, seeing my offering of time as a gift to future generations, only to realise it's been a gift to myself."

Mich, council facilitator

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