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Our impact

Here you will find reports, testimonials and feedback showing the impact of Circlewise's work across our main strands: circles in education, community, training and rites of passage.

Circles in education

• Natural Helping Peer-to-Peer programme report (September 2021-July 2022):

• Feedback from students:

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• Totnes Progressive School reports: 

— 2020

— 2021

— 2020/2021 comparison

Community circles

• Reconnect Magazine article by a participant:


Testimonials from our Circle Facilitation trainings:

“Thank you so much for running this course. It was really good to have it over a period of time and to get to know everyone deeper and deeper each time. Such a welcoming green space to be in with heartfelt people and leaders. It was a joy and I will definitely come to more. So good to have different people leading each time and Heidi always there to hold us. Thank you for all the amazing work you are doing.”


“I wasn't sure what to expect before I attended my first circle. At first I thought that I had over committed in regards to attending all of the workshops. Once I entered the Glades I felt a real sense of calm and anticipation. My concerns about what to expect were quickly alleviated thanks to the care of the facilitators and the content within each workshop. The workshops were fun, dynamic, considered , engaging and much more. I know that I will be able to weave the circle practice into my mentoring and community projects. The people I met were always approachable , actively listening , generous with their knowledge and compelled to help influence change within our education system. Looking back I am surprised by just how fast the weekly workshops passed by and the final workshop helped me to practice and action what I had discovered and learned. Circles need to be considered as a valuable practice /recourse that should be part of any educational curriculum . Thank you to everyone who was part of this inspirational experience and for sharing their talents and gifts.”


“Heidi and Sam worked beautifully as a team to create and evening that was very special. I loved it. Council is such am amazing yet simple forum to connect deeply with others and myself. Being in the woods just enhanced it. This work is vital at this time. Please do more, it is needed.”


“The training really increased my confidence in holding council circles. With a better understanding of the potential of council, I feel more able to trust in the process. Thankyou, time well spent.”


“I attended what turned out to be a masterclass in the creative and effective use of circle in relation to the demands of the school curriculum.I feel inspired! Very beneficial both mentally and physically - able to unwind and absorb new ways of being and thinking, & different approaches to teaching which are much needed at this time. Wonderful setting, perfect location and great subject matter, brilliant event , beautifully held...will be coming back for more An absolutely inspirational evening in the woods with wrap around birdsong and a heartwarming fire.”

Rites of passage

• Youth Quest Report:

• Reconnect Magazine article about one of our rites of passage camps: 

Circle Ways (our US brother organisation)

• Click here for some excellent videos, research, statistics and stories from our US brother organisation, Circle Ways. 

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