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Circles for parents

A safe space to share and be heard

We are offering a safe space to share and
be heard in our challenges, joys and
everything in between, in our journey of
parenting children young and older.

We will be using the of way of council as a form to enable us to each have the space to speak and listen.
This is an adult space for all care givers of children with a possibility of arranging a held space to your children to play while you are in council.
‘Meeting In The Woods to be part of a listening circle for parents was really beautiful and supportive experience. How do you lead it wonderfully I felt so met and deeply moved to meet fellow parents in this way.’
‘It was a truly special time gifted and shared. I was amazed how at how grounded I felt after Council, and how many of my anxieties have lifted. It felt like a start of something new. I am so the environment was magical and healing and the circle held in such a safe and professional way with a sincere and loving presence.’


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