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Nature connection for young men

Supporting young men who would like to come together around a fire

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In these extraordinary times we offer this opportunity in support of young men who would like to come together, in a safe environment, around a warming fire, to share our stories and experiences - a time tested way of strengthening a sense of commonality, connection and understanding between each other. We will gather outside, safely in a small group of adult mentors and young people between the ages of 13 and 16 and spend time around the campfire with a space to listen and share our stories. 

During these sessions we will explore nature awareness practises, take a healthy step out of the comfort-zone with some nature-based
challenges and with help from the mirror of nature and the ancient
practice of Council, share experiences with a group of peers on the
journey towards the threshold of manhood.

'Sam is a wonderful inspirational leader and it was a joy to see my son return after an evening with him. He is changed from it. I couldn’t recommend more,  young men working in this way'

…….. 'he love the whole session and the first thing he told me when I picked him up was “I feel alive“. I am so grateful for this session and the people behind it, it was amazing to see my son so happy and inspired. Opportunities like this are just what he needs.'

'Much fun! My son loves this group, thanks for putting it on, it’s what young people need.'


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