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Council for parents with babies

Parents who have had their babies within the last year

For more information email or call 07891062769
Parents who have had their babies in the last year marked by the pandemic are warmly invited to join this safe space to share and be heard in our joys and challenges of parenting in this time. We will be using the format of way of council. 

Your babies are welcome and we may have nearby crèche support. 
We will be outside and under cover by the fire, there is also the indoor space.
“A beautifully held safe space, gently navigating the myriad of constantly changing and different needs of babies, toddlers and parents.
It feels so important, especially in this time, to give space to witness others and be witnessed in our journey as parents. This circlehas been exactly that.”
“My experience was that of being able to connect deeply with a like-minded group, the stories that people shared at times was emotional and highly charged; there was such a strong supportive atmosphere that genuine openness felt welcome and emotions was shared by all…..”
“Thank you for holding such a beautiful heartfelt space. It felt so valuable to be witnessed and honoured.”


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