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Make community, circles and communication the culture of your organisation…..


Care, connect, communicate …

Strengthen the connected and caring culture of your organisation by developing circle practices at the heart of your working community.  

The global pandemic has changed the landscape for organisations and their workforce, both nationally and internationally. It has encouraged us all to embrace many changes in our lives. Personally, for some, this has been a period of extreme stress and loneliness and for others it has been a time of what we may call reflective adjustment. As working communities, we have also experienced substantial challenges where changes in working practices, the rise of home working and virtual connection have become common place.
A time of change brings opportunities to re-evaluate, rethink and recreate.
So how do we stay connected and support the wellbeing of our working community to develop a strong organisational culture with communication and care at its heart?

Put circle practices at the heart of your organisation.

Communication in circle provides:

  • An inclusive and non-hierarchical structure where colleagues can share their stories, share ideas, share solutions and develop relationship 

  • Support for mental health and wellbeing through empathy and communication 

  • A space, both virtual and in person, for innovation and creative thinking 

  • A vehicle for restorative practice

Contact Circlewise. 

We have a range of skilled facilitators to facilitate a unique and bespoke experience for your organisation and help train, develop and establish circle practices as an integral part of your working community.  


For further information please email us at


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