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Circles for men, women and children

The way of council for all - a circle to share our stories


For more information email or call 07891062769


Intergenerational council for anyone interested in being part of a deep listening circle. This will be an opportunity for people of all ages, genders and walks of life to meet as equals around a fire in the woods and share and hear each other.

For people experienced and new to the way of council we will introduce this practice and together speak of our direct experience of this time. 

Not trying to fix or find answers, however perhaps finding some truths and wisdom at the centre of the circle and maybe some healing along the way.


‘I arrived at the venue with some trepidation, not really knowing what to expect and was immediately put it eased by the welcome from Heidi who was holding the event. The space was beautiful and peaceful. The fire was made in the circle which felt very comforting. A plan for the afternoon was explained clearly and with a gentleness which allowed me to feel safe and open to what was happening. The ceremony was simple, intimate and deeply touching. It creates a permissive and excepting atmosphere which help me to take part in a spontaneous and honest way. I felt no pressure to be a certain way. I was touched by each woman’s contribution, I appreciated the opportunity to honour my family. I felt enriched by the sharing and grateful to have had the opportunity to express myself and be heard.’


‘Council is a wonderful gift to both adults and children in the local community. It provides a safe space to be heard and respected, a rare gift in our busy culture. It also helps us to develop the art of listening from our hearts. A wonderful gift for our community’

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