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Support and supervision for teachers

Council support for teachers, facilitators and mentors

These sessions will focus on the struggles, joys and
challenges of bringing council to schools. Suitable for all
educators already working with or in training to hold council for young people.

This is an opportunity within a supportive group to share ideas, challenges and triumphs whilst practising what we bring. 
Offering an exchange of stories, lessons, self care practices, hopes, fears and a compassionate listening space for those who work with young people in education. 

‘It was brilliant to sit in a space where we could speak from our deep places of truth. I valued it so much, I have woken up this morning feeling much more connected and part of how I want to be in education.’

‘Heidi and Sam work beautifully as a team to create an evening that was very special. After a whole year of being deprived of our usual routines and support networks, the need for these types of circles and councils has really increased. They have the power to make and heal communities, to help people find courage to manifest what is needed in their personal life and in their working lives and most especially in education. I work with disaffected teens and intend to use this event to inspire me to take the way of Council forward into my work.’

‘Just a simple act of being heard deeply made such a difference to me, and being in such a beautiful wild setting is fantastic and so important.
It was very heartwarming to connect with people I have never met before, in such a deep heartfull way, with a shared vision for a better future for all.’


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