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This course can no longer be booked.

A Journey of empowerment for women

An ongoing circle to support women on the journey of menopause 

  • Ended
  • sliding scale
  • Generally at the Glade in the north woods in Dartington

Service Description

to book: We gather as a circle of women to share our stories, women's wisdom. Speaking of the joys, the challenges and everything between, as some transition into the place of elder women, others look back and reflect and perhaps younger ones prepare. Sharing our wisdom, innocence and grief, our knowledge, questioning, confusion, struggles and power.....with all the revelations that come. Supporting each other through this often unrecognised and uncelebrated rite.  We will sit in the beautiful glade around a fire surrounded by the woods,  all women, of any age welcome....pre, peri, menopausal and post menopause. This group is an explorative beginning of an ongoing group of thirteen moons for women and menopause. As part of the woodland wellness events taking place at The Glade in Dartington woods. ‘The gentle, safe and spacious holding of this circle near the gorgeous woodland setting. I arrived feeling disconnected and jangled by the stresses of daily life and left feeling soothed, nourished and centred.’ ‘Heidi and Ali’s Council’s provide a safe and nourishing environment for sharing deep feelings, experiences and thoughts. They are always a joy to be part of and bring a lot of stimulus and opportunity to support and heal.’ ‘This was an extraordinary and deeply grounding democratic experience reminding me of the wisdom we can receive when we listen from the heart. Among the most beautiful trees in a clearing in a green gentle glade, I was privileged to hear from other women, some further along the path than me, as well as hearing from and being supported by the birds in that spot…….Circlewise and Heidi Rose have created something exceptional and life affirming, tender and strong, courageous and gentle and very very beautiful. The heart and vision with this work shines brightly through the woods… I’m so grateful to have been part of this. I woke this morning wondering if it had all been a joyful dream, but the woodsmoke in my hair reminded me it was real. …….. The circle felt like a warm bath of compassion in the beauty of nature, so needed in this in today’s world.’ ‘A magical intimate evening that fills the soul for many days to come.’

Contact Details


Dartington, Totnes, Devon, UK

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